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Why Should you Use a Property Management Company

One of the most significant decisions a landlord will make is whether to hire a property management company. On one hand, managing your portfolio alone means keeping 100% of profits. On the other, using a property management company means having a team of experts to assist you in the day to day running of properties, relieving time consuming duties.

At R.A.D Property Management, we believe a good management company can add significant value to your investment. Here are a few of the benefits of using a property management company to manage your buy to let portfolio.


Securing new tenants is not always an easy process. Your property must be visible on the market and more importantly, visible to the right people. Once a potential tenant shows interest, there are interviews, viewings, references, and deposits to manage to get the tenancy started.

With a network of potential tenants, partnerships with leading rental agencies such as AW Properties, and extensive knowledge in marketing properties to the right tenants, you can expect much longer tenancy periods. Some of the roles your property management take on to achieve this are:

  • Valuation of your property to ensure higher than average rental costs are not putting tenants off.

  • Arrangement of viewings.

  • Obtaining initial deposit and rent.

  • Setting up standing orders.

  • Professional marketing of your property.


Getting tenants is great, getting good tenants is even better. Having an unhealthy relationship with your tenants can cause issues for both parties, but proper vetting processes are expensive and time consuming.

A property management company understands the frustration of accepting a tenant, only for them to pay their bills late, damage your property, upset their neighbours, or even refuse to leave the property. That’s why they can help you find only the best and most suitable tenants for you. Their vetting process can include:

  • Initial phone call interview during enquiry stage.

  • Formal non-intrusive interview at the viewings stage.

  • Thorough referencing including credit checks, employer checks and conversations with any previous landlords.


Busy landlords may struggle to find the time to ensure 100% tenant satisfaction, particularly if renting out their property is a secondary source of income, and they have a full-time job to focus on.

Property management companies have a number of measures in place to ensure satisfied tenants, some of the features of our fully managed service for landlords that make for happy tenants are:

  • Arranging prompt property maintenance.

  • Tenants have access to us during opening hours.

  • Emergency tradesman in place over Christmas breaks.

  • Peace of mind through ensuring the safety of the property.

  • Ensuring properties are up to latest legislation recommendations.

  • Fully protected deposit under Government approved schemes.


When tenants need maintenance work completed, you don’t want to leave them waiting. As a landlord, you also have several safety obligations over the condition of the property, and it is important that these are adhered to. Rushing to find contractors when work needs completing can result in work not being done to a satisfactory standard.

A property management company will have access to a range of trusted contractors to carry out work quickly and to a high standard.

At R.A.D Property Management we have access to a network of contractors including electricians, cleaners, builders, and consultants. As part of our fully managed service, we can arrange prompt maintenance and payment of contactor invoices. You can see more about finding the right contractors here.


This is one of the most attractive reasons to use a property management company. After purchasing a buy-to-let property, it’s nice to know that you can trust the management to another party – whilst enjoying the returns on your investment.

‘R.A.D. Management was an absolutely pleasure to work with. He took all the stress of renting away and the quality of service he provided was of the highest professional standard.’

Edward - Landlord

With a fully managed service covering all aspects of managing your portfolio, you’re free to enjoy other aspects of your life; whether it’s spending time with your family, holidaying abroad or investing time in a new business venture.


R.A.D Property Management offers a first-class service to landlords and tenants. We work hard to ensure our landlords’ and tenants’ lives are made simpler and stress free by providing a full support service, from maintaining the property, collecting rent on-time and a smooth transition between tenants.

Our experienced property management team are always happy to assist and can advise you on all your property management needs. Whether you own a single property with a live-in tenant or multiple blocks of apartments, we have the flexibility to suit your needs.

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